Bringing the lanyards to you!



Welcome to HartBrew where we put the Hart (Heart) in lanyards for brewers. Our owner Jason Smalls worked for many years in some of the largest brewery's in the world creating marketing campaigns for events to promote different beers and products. One of the main ways he wanted to do this was by creating lanyards for events that held thousands of different people and this allowed us to be able to mass advertise new products and drinks. This allowed us to be able to advertise different drinks that as brewers you can extend into.

Lanyards for brewers! How do the help?

It has become a proven method for advertising the thought of using lanyards. The lanyards are made by a specialist lanyard company. We tried and tested a number of different businesses throughout the country that provide lanyards and this allowed us to see the advantages and disadvantages if any to each one. Through out our testing there was one company called Lesar that were brilliant. They have been providing things like staff lanyards for years and years and have built a reputation for being leaders in lanyards and ID card printers.

Why where was Lesar fantastic at providing lanyards?
Well they really did more then they needed to do. Originally we wanted to do the designs
ourselves. But there knowledge of designing lanyards left us with the clear end goal of allowing them to handle the complete design and build process. We do this by doing the consultation stage before we send the work to Lesar. We understand what different users want and which target markets react to the best techniques.

Why go to us for your lanyards if someone else manufactures the lanyards?
Well we understand what your target audience want. We have worked with 100's of brewers creating marketing campaigns for them including the main tool used for lanyards. One particular event at a festival we used lanyards that were bespoke designed with our clients logo on along with a QR card that was linked to a URL that allows the person to fill in a brief feedback form to get a second beer free. What did this do? Well it provided much needed feedback for the brewer and at the next festival they actually sold 92% more then the one before as they made changes to the indgredients to fit the feedback of the 1000's of people that actually tried there drink at the previous ones.

The lanyards were a great gimmick that people could use and the brewer even add a plastic card to the end of the lanyard that could display things like there website, any offers, best places to buy and the like. This was a great success and ever since we work closely with this brewer creating there lanyards for there festivals. Why was it a benefit to work with Lesar on this project? They gave us specific advise on the bespoke printed lanyard itself from a safety issue. First of all they visited the venue and saw that it would be dark and there for suggested bright coloured lanyards and to add to that they suggested a lanyard with a breakaway clip. Why? Well they understood the danger of people drinking whilst wearing a lanyard. Though no harm has been caused by a lanyard in the past it was still a thing we needed to be aware of. They developed this lanyard with a break away clip that would be secure yet easily break off or to better explain it, it un-clips and therefore no cause any harm to the person wearing the lanyard.

We are confident that if you see some of the samples along with the testimonials from our clients you will see the benefit in our service. We proud ourselves on customer service and ensuring you make a return on your investment. Please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.